Good food as a family passion: Focus on retail  

Whether fresh pasta, sweet tomatoes, sausage, ham, cheese or wine - if you love Italian food, you can indulge in a lavish selection and shop to your heart's content. Italfood in Heilbronn's Salt Road offers everything the Italian loves to eat on 1000 square metres. And in the quality he is used to from his home country.

frische Salami und frischer Kaese

"Many people still think that we are just a wholesale business", regrets Massimiliano Montella, managing director of Italfood. But for ten years now, the family business has also had a spacious shopping hall for private customers. "We want to bring our products to the people who cook Italian food at home," says Montella. The 50-year-old helped to build up the company 29 years ago, at that time there was only the wholesale trade. Today, he and seven of his family members - from cousins to sisters-in-law - cater to all Italy fans from restaurateurs to housewives.

die Brueder Montella

Wine and pasta are the main topics at Italfood. More than 600 different wines from all over Italy are on the shelves, with regular tastings on Saturdays. Countless types of pasta are available at Italfood - delivered exclusively directly from Italy. "A certain pasta goes well with every sauce," explains Massimiliano Montella. Amatriciana - a sauce made from tomatoes, bacon and vinegar - includes bucatini (spaghetti with a hole). And a carbonara tastes best with spaghetti. But it's not only the variety that counts. "Real Italian pasta always stays crisp and grows properly in water. 

So it may be that 500 grams is enough for five people," emphasizes Montella. At the large fresh produce counter in the market, fresh pasta varieties that change daily - from salmon-filled tortellini to ravioli with Gorgonzola nut content, plus wonderful salami varieties, pecorino from Tuscany, Sardinia, Calabria, Sicily and, of course, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese - are all tempting. From Thursdays on there is fish and fresh seafood. Fresh bread is also available. For all products, according to the manager, "I only sell what I would like to eat myself." Specialities such as capers or olives can of course be offered by Italfood at reasonable prices. Because that is bought here en masse. 

Apetitmacher..However, the Montella family's portfolio does not only include wholesale and retail. Catering, party service and an online shop with wine and delicacies are part of the offer. Besides coffee, olive oil, aceto balsamico, dried porcini mushrooms, pasta sauces and all kinds of household utensils from mocha machine to pasta plate, gift baskets are available. And expert tips on cooking are free of charge. After all, a restaurateur and a cook are part of the family team. Massimiliano Montella has a tip on olive oil: "Just try the oil with a small spoon. After swallowing, good oils don't leave a greasy film in your mouth."

Source: Heilbronner Stimme - An interview by Stefanie Günzler

VinothekWe purchase our wines directly from Italian wineries or through commercial agencies that represent some of the smaller winegrowers or winegrowers' cooperatives here in Germany. At our regular local tastings we present wines from the different regions of Italy with the possibility of tasting them.

On request, we will be happy to put together a selection of different wines for you or advise you on the variety of grape varieties in the different growing regions of Italy.

In wholesale we serve restaurants, hotels and wine merchants. Therefore, it can happen that the vintages of some wines listed in our inventory are sold out relatively quickly. In this case, we usually inform you before delivery and ask for your consent for the delivery of the following vintage.

Larger order quantities are generally possible on request. For retailers, we have a resale price list of the current range available on request. Further information and a form for dealer registration can be found in the menu item "Dealer Info" below.

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