Modes of payment

How can you pay with us?

We offer various payment methods: (a secure SSL connection is used for data entry during the payment process) After your order, you will receive an order confirmation email from us with all important data, such as your order number, ordered items, total amount, bank details (for payment in advance) and all legal information.

The EU is not responsible for the payment method.

1. EU standard bank transfer (prepayment) = bank transfer

You select „EU standard bank transfer (prepayment)“ as payment method during the order process. This is the normal bank transfer that you must initiate yourself after confirming your order, either by filling out a form at your bank or, of course, online. Please do not forget to state the order number when making the transfer, as only then can your order be clearly assigned. Depending on the bank, it takes approx. 1 to 3 days (from abroad even longer) until the money arrives at our bank and the payment can be booked. In the case of transfers from abroad, you may incur additional costs from your bank.

You can also find the bank details in the order confirmation, which will be automatically sent to you by email.

Antispam filter: Customers who use an e-mail address (e.g. "" or "") with limited storage volume should set their spam filter so that our e-mails are not filtered out. Furthermore, your mailbox should be emptied regularly, otherwise you will not receive our order confirmation with the bank details.


2. Pay by mollie

Who is Mollie?
Mollie is a payment service provider based in the Netherlands that allows customers in web stores to accept online payments from shoppers. With Mollie, customers can choose between different payment methods.

Which payment methods does Mollie offer in which countries?

PayPal (DE, BE, DK, FR, LU, NL, AT, PL, SK, CZ, FI, SE, BG, ES, LT, LV, RO, HU, HR, GR, IR, IT, PT, ES, SL)
Credit / Debitcard  (DE, BE, DK, FR, LU, NL, AT, PL, SK, CZ, FI, SE)
Apple Pay  (DE, BE, DK, FR, LU, NL, AT, PL, SK, CZ, FI, SE)
Immediate banking  (DE, BE, DK, FR, LU, NL, AT, PL, SK, CZ, FI, SE)
giropay  (DE, BE, DK, FR, LU, NL, AT, PL, SK, CZ, FI, SE)


How secure is Mollie?

When paying with Mollie, the checkout is fully secured. They confirm their payments on PCI-DSS level 1 compliant platforms. All administered data is located on Dutch servers in highly protected data centers. Mollie also meets the highest standards set by the Central Bank of the Netherlands in terms of security, reliability and stability. As a regulated payment service provider, Mollie is supervised by the relevant national regulatory authorities and institutions under national law.

Learn more about Mollie's privacy policy here:

3. Paying by invoice

We only offer delivery on account to our regular customers (DE only, from the 5th order onwards) and on special request from e.g. authorities, schools, and other public institutions.

After payment:

After receipt of payment, your order will be packed and shipped as soon as possible, at the latest on the following 2 working days (unless a longer delivery time is stated in the item description). You will be informed of this via the status message "completely finished" to the email address you have given us. There you will also find the package numbers and the link to the shipment tracking.